Pregnant with our third bean and a Hematoma

This blog is dedicated to our third pregnancy and baby. Before life began for our child, our pregnancy was put at risk by a subchorionic hematoma/ subchorionic hemorrhage. Basically it is a blood clot between the placenta and the uterine wall.

Monday, November 16, 2009


Its Monday the 16th two days until our second ultrasound. I know it doesn;t do any good to sress and worry but I mean honestly who in their right mind can really tell a woman not to worry about their own child and think its okay? If you thought your child was sick would you worry? Of course! So why wouldn't I worry about mine? Even though he isn't born it doesn't mean I love it any less or its any less of a child. The last few days my nausea has died right down from me getting up in the morning and dry reaching until I feel like my head will expload to nothing. I know it doesn't always mean anything but of course now I can't help but think that its gone because he's gone. I am dying to run to the supermarket and buy another HPT just so I can make sure the line is still there lol. I had hardly any morning sickness with our son so I'm sure everythings fine but seriously I cannot wait to reach the second trimester. I just hope the next 48 or so hours go by really quick so that we can go and see our little bug and put my mind to ease.


Julie said...

I think people tell you not to worry because they love you and want to ease your worry. I don't think anyone truly expects that you won't worry. I agree that just because you can't "see" your baby yet it doesn't make him any less your child.
*hugs* I truly hope that all goes well for you and your little one. Not only will I pray for this but for the time pass quickly until your ultrasound. Waiting is the worst! lol

Chocolatteme said...

i agree i think that loved ones just tell you that bc that's pretty much all we/they know what to say in situations like this. and there's no way you could NOT worry but maybe if you hear it enough maybe it will help


Emma said...

Oh I know that its just those who say it as if bug doesn't matter loi8ke why are you stressed, like if something did happen to him then it would be no big deal kwim?

darcy'smommy said...

I hope you do find a way to relax between now and the next two days. I wish you luck at your appointment!


Emma said...

Thanks hon xx